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3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Feed For More Engagement

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Feed For More Engagement

Instagram is such a popular social media network! Being the most visual and its ease of use, it’s no wonder people flock to the network to share content. In this post we’ll go over 3 easy ways to improve your brand’s Instagram feed for more engagement.

1. Pick a Theme

One of the simplest ways to improve your brand’s Instagram feed and give your account a facelift is to pick a theme and stick to it. Picking a theme can help you stand out from your competitors. You can achieve a consistent look and feel on Instagram by using one filter, adapting consistent photo editing style (via an app or photo editing software), or even in the way photos are cropped, using photo frames or following a specific posting pattern. Your overall feed will have one look and feel and become an extension of you or your brand.

When choosing your new theme think about:

  • What colors and photos you’re in to. Is it bright colors? Or do you want to reflect darker mood?
  • What you want your followers to think or feel. Do you want them to see you as clean and crisp? Or is your brand more edgy?
  • How you can reflect your branding in a visual form. Does your brand have specific colors associated with it? Is your brand super modern or more old school? Fun or more serious?

Once you’ve chosen what theme you want to run with you can move on to the next step in rebranding your Instagram account – choosing content.

2. Content

Once you’ve picked your overall Instagram theme, the next thing to figure out is how to improve your content. Think about your brand or blog, what you cover and goals you have regarding your Instagram presence. Coming up with content based on your goals or what aspects of your brand you want to highlight can help streamline your account as well as your content creation process. You’ll then want to consider what your capacity is to create the content you want to. You may have to outsource some of it depending on what you’d like your content to look like. With clearly defined themes you can stop scrambling to figure out what to post and shift your gears towards creating higher quality content to improve your Instagram theme.

3. Engaging Captions

Our third tip to help you improve your brand’s Instagram feed is to use it to tell great stories. This can be done both visually, but more importantly in your captions. Take a look at some of your favorite accounts – you most likely read their captions and feel connected to them. They tell stories instead of talking AT you. When you add more personality and ask questions your audience will engage with you more often – which is exactly what we’re looking for. Remember to show personalty and try to pull on your audience’s heart strings in your captions. Put yourself in their shoes and what would speak to you. Instead of saying “Sign up for my amazing course” you may say something like “I remember sitting in front of my screen with nothing to say. I remember how frustrating it was for me. We don’t always have all the ideas – so I’ve created a course to help you out when you’re feeling stuck”. See the difference?


BONUS: Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be such a game changer when it comes to improving engagement on your general feed. Stories allow you to be more casual and connect with your audience in a different way that the feed allows you to. There are also so many tools to help you create engaging stories and opportunities for reach including hashtag and location stickers, poll, question and answer stickers, the ability to add music, and so much more!


We hope this post helps you come up with ideas on how you can improve your brand’s Instagram feed, but if you need help don’t hesitate to contact us now.

– The Block & Ave. Team

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