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4 Elements Your Business Should Include In A Successful Social Media Strategy

4 Elements Your Business Should Include In A Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing does not have to be overly complicated. Here are 4 simple elements that you should include in a successful social media strategy.

1. Review How You Currently Use Social Media

Step 1 to strengthen your social media strategy at any point will be to review how you’re currently using social media. Really take a step back, remove yourself and acquire an outsiders perspective. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which social media networks are you currently on?
  • Are they still relevant to your brand goals?
  • Which social media networks are driving the most relevant traffic or conversions for you?
  • Which social media networks are a time suck?

As hard as it may seem, it may be time to give some networks up. It’s better to concentrate on the ones that are working, and using their features to your best advantage as opposed to wasting time, energy and possibly money on useless ones. Consider quitting a social media network if:

  • It’s been a while, and you’re still talking to yourself. Building a strong social media following is a process, and it takes time. But if everything else has taken off and one network is lagging – you may not have an audience there.
  • You’ve tried strategies from A-Z. Nothing changes. Sometimes, one platform lags because you’re posting in the wrong format, or the wrong time etc. But if you’ve worked out all those kinks, and experimented with your strategy (and given it time) and still nothing? it could be time to say “bye”.
  • Not even an expert can help. If you’ve hired a qualified expert, and even they can’t work out the problem – definitely spend your time on something else.


Another aspect of reviewing how you use social media is to determine things you would like to change or explore. Wether that’s re-branding your accounts, giving them a new theme or trying out new forms of visual content there are always aspects to play with when it comes to your online presence. Don’t forget to include these when you plan your social media strategy for 2021.

2. Don’t Forget to Add Video Content

One thing you cannot forget to include to strengthen your social media strategy for 2021 is creating more videos! This past year we saw social media networks put more emphasis on video content. LinkedIn rolled out live video streaming and Instagram even shifted our home buttons to put Reels front and center.

Videos on social media are taking off because we are consuming more video content than ever. Videos are a great way to show off your product, explain your service, highlight your personality (or those within your company) and connect with your audience. If you’ve been thinking about creating videos for your social media strategy it’s time to get filming. There are so many different formats to choose from (a few are Instagram Reels, IGTV, Youtube, Live Videos and even Instagram Stories) so there is always a format that fits your capabilities.

3. Show More Personality & Put Yourself In Your Audience’s Shoes

Getting more personal will continue to be a differentiating factor for brands on social media in 2021. In what can be a crowded space, humanizing your business will help you connect with your audience. Just like in life, your personality will attract the people you’re friends with. Your content will be more engaging if you act like a human and also think about what your audience needs, or wants to see instead of just thinking about what information you want to put out there.

4. Consider Social Media Ads & Influencer Marketing

Last but not least, we want to discuss the fastest ways you can grow your social media following which is by setting budget aside for ads and influencer marketing. Social media ads can get eerily specific with targeting, so it can be easier to reach your ideal clients than you might think – BUT – you can easily spend a lot of money with no return. Social media ads can be a longer process than you might think so invest in an expert to help you.

Influencer marketing is the next way to grow your following quickly. There is so much value even in small influencers – just make sure you’re working with the right people. I’d also like to mention that while some newer influencers will happily exchange products/services for a post, please do not scoff or underpay anyone who does have a rate.

Social media is no a one size fits all template. Each business, even within the same niche, will have their own unique strategy and mix of tactics that create a successful and profitable social media presence. The elements we reviewed today make up the basics of setting your business up for success with what’s working right now. If you’re looking for support on a social media strategy that works to bring in leads and sales for your business please contact us here.

– The Block & Ave. Team


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