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4 Ways to Use Social Media Beyond Marketing For Your Business

4 Ways to Use Social Media Beyond Marketing For Your Business

Social media is much more than a marketing tool. Businesses are beginning to realize the power of integrating social media teams (and their insights) into other parts of the business. Why? Because as social media marketers, we are one of the first points of contact with customers. We have a front row to candid, public conversations and troves of audience data that can be used to create a better experience for your customer.

Here are 4 ways to use social media beyond marketing…


Product Or Service Development

One way to use social media beyond marketing for your business is to create new products or services based on your audience’s needs. Using social media as a listening tool can help you uncover conversations about needs that aren’t being met and can help you develop new offerings that solve your audience’s problem. Bonus here is that you can also use the feedback for content inspiration.


Social media can be a great place to survey your audience and customers. Ask questions about what the do and do not like related to your product or service category, what they want to see, and like mentioned before use the feedback for inspiration and to make your business stand out. Your audience is a gold mine of information, all you have to do is ask!

Extend the Life of Content

Social media is a perfect tool to extend the life of evergreen content or get ideas on how to refresh older pieces. You can also fill content gaps with older content. Take a look at the social chatter happening in your audience – you may have an old piece that just needs a few statistics updates and graphics to share.

Testing & Borrowing Content for Offline Initiatives

Social media makes a great testing ground for content you can use offline. Think testing TV commercials on YouTube or Facebook (big brands have done this with Superbowl ads), or on a simpler scale, including online testimonials in brochures, and using infographics from blogs for conference materials. Not all digital content will cross over – but looking at what you already have could make your job a little easier.

Are there any ways you’ve used social media beyond marketing?

– The Block & Ave. Team

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