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5 Social Media Marketing Trends B2B’s Can Adopt for Growth in 2021

5 Social Media Marketing Trends B2B’s Can Adopt for Growth in 2021

Here at Block & Ave. we have experience across both B2B and B2C brands. Here are some of the B2C 2021 social media marketing trends B2B’s can adopt in order to see social media growth.

Short-Form Videos

Over this year we’ve seen the explosion of short-form videos thanks to TikTok. Instagram released Reels to compete and even re-shuffled the home feed buttons to include a “Reels” button front and center. The platform’s focus on this new feature gives us a hint to what will be garnering the most reach and that’s short form videos. This type of content can be simple and show a behind the scenes process, benefits to your product or service, or even company culture. It’s a great way to repurpose content and if your brand is already creating video content it could be an easy transition into creating videos that reach more of your audience.

Instagram’s Shop Feature

With the home screen button re-shuffle on Instagram also came the addition of the Shop button. If your B2B sells physical products and has an online storefront, you should be taking advantage of the shop feature. Instagram has stepped up features for small businesses this year which include being able to tag items on your feed, in stories and even testing shopping from live videos.


This past year we’ve seen a rise in brands being more vocal about company culture, social involvement and more. Consumers are more conscious about who they support and what they stand for. If your B2B is affiliated with any charities or organizations it is a great opportunity to highlight your involvement.

Executives Using Social Media

Speaking of authenticity, did you know that according to a recent survey by Brandfog “More than 84% of respondents agree that when a CEO speaks out about the social issues they care about on social media, it helps to build brand trust.”

Now more than ever it’s important for executives and the c-suite to have a presence online. Social media offers so many opportunities that you may be leaving on the table by resisting the idea of being active online. And if you’re asking yourself what these benefits are, in this post we’ll explain the importance of social media for executives – and we put together a roadmap you can download to get you started with your executive presence on social media.

If you’re not sure where to start download our Executive’s Social Media Roadmap here.

The guide includes:
– A 4 step roadmap to the best executive social media presence to help you stand out in your industry
– The top 3 mistakes you’re probably making that no one is talking about


Using Social Media Networks As Mirco Blogs

A new social media marketing trend that B2Bs can adopt is to treat your social media networks as micro blogs. There are two reasons why this is effective. The first being that social media sites want to keep your attention on the network, so the better you are at keeping your audience on the network the more you will be rewarded. You can achieve this by:

  • Longer captions
  • Creating Instagram slideshows
  • Creating Tweet Threads on Twitter
  • Long form videos on your platform

Second, audiences will read and watch longer form content if they find it valuable, entertaining or interesting enough. We suggest experimenting with creating longer captions and seeing how your audience reacts.


We hope this helps you with some ideas on how to market your B2B in the new year. If you’re looking for support on a social media strategy that works to bring in leads and sales for your business please contact us here.

– The Block & Ave. Team

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