5 Ways to Use Live Videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for Business

5 Ways to Use Live Videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for Business

Live videos are a great tool for any business or thought leader who is trying to build trust and grow an audience on social media. In this post we’ll review a few ways you can use live videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for your brand or business.

In the past few years we’ve seen videos take off in reach and engagement – and now live videos have seen a resurgence after the pandemic forced us all to stay home. Live videos are broadcasts that happen in real time, and the results we’ve seen with our clients are amazing!

So how can you leverage live videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for your business? Here are some ideas:


1. Product launches and demonstrations

Live videos are a great way to preview or launch new products and demonstrate how to use existing ones. The live aspect gives you a chance to connect with your audience a little more and even answer questions they may have – all in real time. To take this a step further incorporate the next idea…

2. Interviews and Q & A sessions

Interviews are a great way to let your audience get to know the leadership or employees within your company. Consider interviewing your industry influencers or have them host a live video on your channels to drive more interest and expose your brand to new eyes.

You can also host Q&A sessions surrounding a specific topic within your industry or simply questions from your customers and audience about your specific product or service. Bonus: Live video broadcasts can be a good way to build engagement by letting your viewers ask questions in a live Q&A session or by asking people to interact during the broadcast.

3. Network exclusives

Give your audience a reason to follow you on all your social media networks by offering network exclusive live video content. These broadcasts can be more sporadic and in the moment. They can range from fun moments, to behind the scenes action, to any discounts or promotions.

4. Share Live Events or Trainings

While we are not allowed to gather at the moment, sharing live events on your social media channels is a great way to stay connected with your audience. We saw a great deal of success hosting live cooking events on Instagram Live with our client Jordan Andino. Not only did they help with his channel’s engagement, he was also able to leverage these events into brand deals.

5. Use live videos to drive traffic to a channel

Let’s say you’d like to drive traffic to your Facebook page. You can coordinate a live streamed event, like an influencer interview or discount reveal and use your stronger networks to promote the event and drive traffic to the Facebook live stream. Tease the event on your networks to create excitement and then post again to remind everyone the event is happening (don’t forget to include links).

BONUS: Take your customers behind the scenes!

Live Video streams on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can help you add more context and value to your customers via social media. They provide a medium to elaborate on your posts, show personality while building connections and relationships with your audience. Remember to have fun, show personality, and think about how your business can use video in your content.

– The Block & Ave. Team


P.S. Need help planning live videos on social media for your brand? Contact us for help.


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