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B2B Social Media Best Practices

B2B Social Media Best Practices

Social media can feel a little out of place when it comes to B2B companies and businesses. In this post, we’ll quickly review some best practices to keep in mind when creating a B2B social media strategy.


Determine Goals

Step 1 to your B2B social media strategy should be to determine your goals and objectives. Outlining where you want to be, or what aspects you’d like to improve within your social strategy will set the tone for everything going forward.

Don’t Only Stick To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a clear choice of go-to network for a B2B social media strategy, but don’t discount other networks or think they can’t be used for your industry. Twitter is a great network for B2B brands because of the ease of finding conversations. Thinking creatively can help any B2B business figure out how to use Instagram to visually get their point across. There are also a lot of micro-networks you can use – so don’t get stuck in the LinkedIn box.

Develop A Brand Voice/Personality

Developing a brand voice or personality will take some work, but it will help your business stand out on social media. Having a clear, defined voice will help you with determining content, what kind of language to use in captions, how to get creative and so much more. Having a distinct voice will also set you apart from the competition.

Align Your On And Offline Activities

There’s more to your business than just your business. Make sure your B2B social media strategy aligns with your overall business goals and campaigns. There are ways to tie in your offline ventures with your online lines, making social media a more well-rounded approach as opposed to a silo in your marketing mix.

Get Employees Involved

A key part of success for B2B social media is to get your employees involved. Your employees are your advocates and should get excited about sharing social posts from your company to their network. Having employees interact with your content and share will expand the reach of your social posts and increase your brand’s visibility online.

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your social posts! Take some hints from B2C brands and apply those principles to your B2B social media strategy. This is where having your goals, and brand voice locked in will help with content creation. Use your brand’s colors in graphics, or try new tools like Instagram Stories to help get your message across.

Measure & Analyze

A big part of any social media strategy is to measure and analyze results. Take a look at what works, and try to replicate success and stop putting time and energy into campaigns that did not deliver results.

Social media can be a great asset for any B2B company. If you have any questions about how your B2B brand can use social media to its advantage please contact us.

Until next time,

– The Block & Ave. Team



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