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Based in a city as fast-paced as NYC, keeping up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing comes second nature to us. Each day, millions of social savvy users browse the interwebs and we understand what it takes to help you navigate the digital avenues to success.


We help B2B, C-Suite executives & brands struggling to see results from social media to construct strategies that generate more qualified leads and sales 💵

Numbers on the board


266% Increase In Facebook Audience

for a premium CBD brand

582% increase in average clicks from Instagram

for a gourmet fast food restaurant

120% Increase in leads from LinkedIn

for a commercial real estate executive

58% Increase In Twitter clicks

for an e-commerce brand

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Meet the team

dhariana block and ave 2

Dhariana Lozano

Social media has become my second love. My first? Food.

drew block and ave

Drew Ayasse

Starting your dream can be as easy as believing that it's possible.

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Our services include…

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Analytics & Audits

Paid Social Ads

Training and Coaching

Executive Social Media Management & Trainings

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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