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How To Find Your Missed Brand Mentions On Social Media

How To Find Your Missed Brand Mentions On Social Media

Keeping an eye out for your brand mentions on social media is an important part of any social media strategy. Sometimes people will talk about your brand, but no tag your brand’s page or use the official brand hashtag, which can be a missed opportunity. Today we’ll share how to find missed mentions.

Wether the sentiment is negative, or positive, finding these mentions can help build your online relationships. When you find brand mentions on social media, it gives you an opportunity to engage with customers or potential customers that you had no idea were already talking about you. Perhaps the customer was not aware that your brand uses the particular social media network. Some people just don’t do the further research to find a brand’s handle. If the comment is a complaint, then you can address the situation further and take it offline. Sometimes people just share links or don’t have enough character space to tag you.

Here are a few ways to find yourself online:

  • Manually conduct a searches for your business using the network’s native search function. For example: Twitter Search or Facebook’s search.
    • Search for your business’ name, website, or product
    • Try searching for your brand’s hashtag (ex: your brand’s name as a hashtag, any campaign specific hashtags)
    • Search for blog post titles
    • Links to specific pieces of content
    • Misspellings of your brand’s name
  • Use tools like Tweetdeck, Agorapulse, Mention, or set up Google Alerts for your brand, product or post.
  • Google your brand, specific pieces of content, or phrases


We use a combination of the methods above to keep an eye out for brand mentions on social media for the businesses we work with. Once you’ve found your missed mentions, go ahead and interact with them! A simple “thank you for sharing our post” reply, a favorite on the tweet is enough to not only show your appreciation, but now the user knows your brand is active on the particular network. Again, if the mention is a complaint, address it and try to take the conversation offline by providing a contact email or direct the person to direct message you (people appreciate it).

How many mentions are you missing out on?

– The Block & Ave. Team

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