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The Truth About The New Instagram Algorithm

The Truth About The New Instagram Algorithm

The truth is there is no new Instagram Algorithm! Here’s what you need to know:

The rumor:

It started circulating that there is a “new” Instagram Algorithm where engagements have a new rank. Allegedly Saves ranked the highest followed by Shares, Comments and lastly, Likes.

The truth:

There is no new algorithm. We believe the new Instagram Algorithm rumor began with misconstrued information about how each metric can be interpreted by a brand or creator for their own insights. Here is how each engagement metric can be used to determine the “value” your content had to your audience.

Saves: This shows that your audience found your content useful and wants to come back to this information later. This is a signal that the type of content your audience loves to see from you.

Shares: Your audience found your content interesting or educational enough that they wanted to show it to other people. This is a good metric to pay attention to when you’re looking to reach more people who are in your target audience.

Comments: Your content prompted enough interest to incite a comment from the viewer.

Likes: This is the most passive of actions as its easy to scroll, like, and keep scrolling. This doesn’t mean the action is useless because your audience could also just scroll past content without even bothering to double tap.

So while there is no new Instagram algorithm, this rumor does bring to light the importance of paying attention to your audience’s reaction to the content you post in order to create and publish content that helps you reach your social media goals. This is one of the keys to having social media content that coverts to leads and sales no matter what an algorithm throws your way.

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to interpreting your social media analytics, we can help! Contact us here.

– The Block & Ave. Team



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