Pound For Pound CBD Case Study

POund For Pound CBD



Pound For Pound CBD is a premium Hemp CBD brand started by world champion boxer Mikey Garcia. 


Made in the USA and containing zero THC, Pound For Pound CBD works “with the top CBD cultivators and have specially formulated this line to meet Mikey Garcia’s needs as a professional athlete, as well as for maximum benefit to recreational athletes and all consumers”. The line offers, gummies, gel capsules, to lemongrass soothe balms and potent CBD oil tinctures as well as a subscription service.



The Pound For Pound team was looking to take their social media marketing and image in a new direction. Our team helped create a new look a feel to the Pound For Pound social media content to ensure consistency and brand recognition. Our strategy supported the team’s goals as well as leveraged the power of Mikey Garcia’s influencer status to support the growth of the brand. 



Increase in clicks to the website generated by social media


Increase in Instagram followers in one year


people reached organically by top post on Facebook in 2019


Impressions from tweets in 1 year

An amazing team that does absolutely amazing work. I was fortunate enough to be able to rely on them to handle and run our social media side of things, completely. Organized and on time.

The Pound For Pound Team

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