The Nugget Spot Case Study

THE nugget spot

the finest nuggets you've ever had


The Nugget Spot serves the best gourmet chicken nuggets in NYC!  The small shop in Union Square taps into the childhood nostalgia of the classic favorite but elevates the experience with made-to-order chicken and an array of house made sauces.


When we met the team at the nugget spot they had a decent following, but they had no consistency or ideas on what to post to their social media channels. Seeing viral success in the past they wanted to continue to stay in the feeds of chicken nugget lovers. 




The Block & Ave. team put together a simple social media strategy that included influencer marketing as well as tactics to re-create viral success. We were able to:


✔️ Consistently keep The Nugget Spot popping up in the most popular food publications such as Insider Food and Thrillist as well as traditional media outlets such as MSN.

✔️ Bring their Instagram following to over 45,000 followers

✔️ Get the accounts verified online



clicks to the website generated from social media in 3 months


increase in Instagram Followers in one year


People reached on Facebook from top post of 2019


Impressions on Twitter in 2019

Dhari and Drew have been instrumental in giving a voice to my brand. The have cultivated an online presence: we have an amazing, highly engaged 45k followers! They grew it more than 350% in 3 years”

Jason, The Nugget Spot

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